You don’t know how much you love them until you need them!

Rick Scott says nice things about public sector workers…still screws them


My wife and I were watching the Weather Channel today, keeping track of Tropical Storm Debby. Rick Scott was being interviewed and I was surprised to hear him mention the great job that Florida’s state and local emergency response personnel were doing.

Wow! Governor Scott saying something nice about public sector employees. It wasn’t long ago that these folks were a drain on our budget and needed to be fired. They were overpaid, requiring their salaries and benefits to be cut.

Don’t worry, conservatives. Governor Scott hasn’t backed down on his cut and slash policies. But just because he’s screwing public sector employees in the capitol, doesn’t mean he can’t offer them a patronizing pat on the back now and again.

Attention, Governor Scott: Part of creating a “business friendly environment” in Florida is having folks around who can deal with natural disasters.

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