Survey Results from the Cambridge Class

As promised, here are the results from the Cambridge classes. The questions were the same. There was greater diversity of opinion with regard to the Most Important Historical Event. However, 9/11 and the election of Barack Obama were central, with 9/11 playing a more central role with more students. The "All Others" category included the... Continue Reading →

Trayvon’s Right to Stand his Ground

there's a key question that I really wish someone would ask with regard to the Trayvon Martin trial.did Trayvon Martin have a right to stand his ground?this isn't just a key question fis probablyr the case, but also a clear weakness in the concept of a Stand Your Ground laws. few conflicts are so simple... Continue Reading →

Those Damned Whistleblowers

An interesting video from Lee Camp at How do we justify imprisoning those who reveal crimes against humanity and abuses of power longer and more harshly than we do those who actually commit crimes against humanity and abuse power?  

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