A Shout Out to Marvin Gaye

PLAYING FOR CHANGE FEATURING WHAT'S GOING ON It's been a while since I posted something by playing for change. For those new to the Journal of a Mad Sociologist, I love the idea of people all over the world, representing diverse cultures, singing a song.  

Hip Hop with Native American Influences

FRANK WALN Hip Hop isn't really my thing, I'm a blues fan, but I understand Hip Hop's mission. Music should be a means of liberating, especially by providing a voice and outlet for the dispossessed. I read about this young man, Frank Waln in In These Times Magazine and believe he represents what Hip Hop... Continue Reading →

Students are Speeking Out!

And it's about time. Students are not stupid. They know they are being had. They know they are dedicating their time to meaningless balderdash, and they are starting to resent it. And they should. The truth is, that students have the power to change this insane policy if they work together to do so. Communicating... Continue Reading →

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