I Hate it When I’m Right

THE “IDIOT” FACTOR IN TRUMP POLITICS Some months before the election I offered my final word on Donald Trump…or so I had hoped. Turns out…not so much. Anyway, in this post I suggested that Trump supporters could be divided into three categories: Idiots, Bigots, and Political Sociopaths (though I didn’t use that particular term, I […]

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Neo-Confederate Hypocracy

IF YOU WANT TO HONOR AMERICAN SOLDIERS, STOP WAVING YOUR STUPID BATTLE FLAG! If you want to blather about being a real American, and demand that everyone stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner in “honor of the troops” who sacrificed for our rights, that’s fine. But you cannot do that […]

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My Last Word on Trump

I have resolved that, after this post, I will not spend one more minute on this walking scam. That is unless, by some profound misfortune, he actually becomes president. Then all bet’s are off. Fortunately, that’s not likely.

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