Chris Kyle: A Useful Sociopath

And The Militarism That Gives Such Men a Platform I've largely stayed out of the ludicrously empassioned debate raging through social media on the Michael Moore American Sniper debate. Frankly, I have no money on this horse race.  I am a fan of Michael Moore's documentaries, even if I don't always agree with his conclusions.... Continue Reading →

Because They’re Children!

Americans Should be Ashamed of Our Response to Refugee Children! My position on this issue could never be clearer or simpler to explain, so this blog post will be among my shortest: Any nation or culture that feels threatened by, or turns its back on, children does not deserve to exist! The hate-filled bigotry of... Continue Reading →

The Rejection of Science in the Age of Science

Americans are rejecting science, and putting themselves…and everyone else…in peril  Every semester I lead my Introduction to Sociology students through the following scenario: Uncle Phil is sitting at home watching television, a wonder of technological advancement, and eating a microwave meal. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his chest that travels down his left... Continue Reading →

Militia Activism vs. Occupy

And: The Rained Out Revolution   I can't help but ask myself, what if Occupy protestors in 2010 showed up with AR-15s? On one hand, being armed may have given law enforcement pause before they use paramilitary tactics to take down the Occupy encampments all over the country. On the other hand, Occupy was protesting... Continue Reading →

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