The “Do Nothing” Elite

Don't believe the balderdash about how hard the super-rich work!   Mitt Romney, by his own admission, had nothing to do with his company, Bain Capital, from 1999-2002. During that time he was organizing the Olympics in Salt Lake City. However, according to a report in the Boston Globe, Mitt Romney remained the sole shareholder,... Continue Reading →

HaTs off to Rafalca

The Hire-a-Teacher scale of Ann Romney's Horse  A big hullabaloo has been made about Mitt Romney's $77,000 deduction claim on his dancing horse. The counterclaim that Romney only got $50 for the deduction is credible, but misses a larger point. The Romneys have the means and are willing to spend $77,000 on 1/3 of a... Continue Reading →

Remembering Those Who Serve Their Country

There's More Than One Way to do So  As always, the Mad Sociologist Blog and the Journal of a Mad Sociologist wants to use Independence Day to remember those who serve their country. There are plenty outlets for those that endeavor to "remember the troops." That's great! The troops should be remembered for their sacrifice.... Continue Reading →

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