Remembering Those Who Serve Their Country

There’s More Than One Way to do So


As always, the Mad Sociologist Blog and the Journal of a Mad Sociologist wants to use Independence Day to remember those who serve their country. There are plenty outlets for those that endeavor to “remember the troops.” That’s great! The troops should be remembered for their sacrifice. A free society, however, requires more than a military, and service is not limited to those who enlist. Many people serve their nation tirelessly every day and are, most often, ignored for their sacrifice.

This year I would like to pay special tribute to those in the medical field, nurses, therapists, counselors, technicians, social workers, who are dedicated to helping our returning soldiers adapt to civilian life. Too often, our soldiers face daunting challenges, including physical and psychological trauma, and strains on relationships and socialization.

Now that we are closing out the two longest wars in US history, fought simultaneously, the demand for recuperative services will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Soldiers have been pressed to the limits of the physical and mental endurance, having undergone extended tours with precious little time away from the danger.

Those who will take the lead in resolving these many and varied issues related to extended combat duty are underfunded, under-staffed and stretched thin. Yet they are dedicated to providing the best quality care. Their sacrifice is no less necessary for the needs of a free society.

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