DeSantis Airlines and a Theory of Justice

...where would you want to be dropped? Would you want to be dropped in another Texas where you would be neglected, abused, lied to and trafficked with impunity? Or would you rather find yourself among civilized and decent human beings who will empathize with your plight and try to help you the best they can?

Our Government Is Absurd

Our political talking heads wrapping their motives in the flag and lauding democracy while acting to either undermine or disregard the Demos creates an Orwell in Wonderland disassociation between the real and ideal world.

Holy Sh*t! Steve Really is a Nazi!

It's a simple rubric. If you're at a rally and the guy to your right is waving a Swastika flag, and the fella to your left is issuing a Nazi salute, extending an arm covered in SS tattoos, then you are at a Nazi rally. And if you remain at that rally, you my friend, are a Nazi.

Sympathy for Idiots

a category based on the absence of an attribute, in this case empirical reason, is often a weak explainer. If reason and evidence isn't motivating this movement, then what is? Dismissing this particular end of the "basket of deplorables" as idiots doesn't offer a satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon. Nor does it offer an opportunity to reach out to this group and maybe change their minds. There must be a better way to describe this phenomenon.

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