Holy Sh*t! Steve Really is a Nazi!

It's a simple rubric. If you're at a rally and the guy to your right is waving a Swastika flag, and the fella to your left is issuing a Nazi salute, extending an arm covered in SS tattoos, then you are at a Nazi rally. And if you remain at that rally, you my friend, are a Nazi.

Sympathy for Idiots

a category based on the absence of an attribute, in this case empirical reason, is often a weak explainer. If reason and evidence isn't motivating this movement, then what is? Dismissing this particular end of the "basket of deplorables" as idiots doesn't offer a satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon. Nor does it offer an opportunity to reach out to this group and maybe change their minds. There must be a better way to describe this phenomenon.

The GOP is No Longer a Governing Party

Its turn away from governing to the cynical exercise of power and obstruction is an intentional, strategic decision made by its elite and exercised by those who do the work of the institution. So long as this strategy works, it is unreasonable to believe that we'll see any significant changes to how the party functions going forward.

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