The Entitled Rich

In a Global Marketplace, why pay taxes when you can use a nation's resources for free? In 1993 a young Eduardo Saverin was brought to the United States because, in Miami, the tax supported police force and justice department would keep him safe from being kidnapped and held for ransom. When Eduardo grew up, enjoying... Continue Reading →

More Smart Investing in Elite Interests

Banks don't have the money to extend loans, or help working people who are struggling in an economy that was destroyed by the banks, but apparently they have plenty of dough to spread through DC.  According to the New York Times lobbying by banking interest have intensified as new legislation is brought to the Congressional... Continue Reading →

Walk out on your bank

Thank you Stephen Pizzo from  Stephen is encouraging Americans to walk out on their large, multinational banks in favor of local, community banks. According to Pizzo, an any reasonable and attentive American, the Obama Administration is not likely to offer a real challenge to the banking system. No surprises there. With banking interests the... Continue Reading →

Another Good Investment

Twenty years ago the infamous oil taner Exxon Valdez, commanded by a drunk, spilled 10.8 million gallons of oil into Alaska's beautiful Prince William Sound.  The oil slick covered over 11,000 square miles and destroyed the natural habitat of the Alaskan shore. Though there were some efforts to clean up the overwhelming contamination, these were... Continue Reading →

Good Investment in Banking

I've always been taught that if you want to understand the truth about an issue the first thing you should do is follow the money.  Some might say this is cynical, even counter-sociological, and I would not suggest that a sociologist should follow the money and stay there.  It is, however, a very telling enterprise.... Continue Reading →

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