Another Good Investment

Twenty years ago the infamous oil taner Exxon Valdez, commanded by a drunk, spilled 10.8 million gallons of oil into Alaska’s beautiful Prince William Sound.  The oil slick covered over 11,000 square miles and destroyed the natural habitat of the Alaskan shore.

Though there were some efforts to clean up the overwhelming contamination, these were mostly unsuccessful.  Local residents claim that Exxon was not cooperative in efforts to clean the sludge. According to reporter Greg Palast, even after twenty years, the oil remains hidden in the sediment of the shoreline. Palast Article

Since we know that Exxon has not spent the last twenty years effectively cleaning their own mess, what has it been doing? Why, it’s spent over $10 million on politicians! In this case, over 86% of contributions went to the Republican Party.

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