The Trump Effect

Now, with President Trump as the role model, there’s no reason to think that his success will be interpreted as anything less than an invitation for the Monstrous Deplorables to act on their hatred.

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RIP Tom Hayden

ICONIC SIXTIES MOVEMENT LEADER REFLECTS ON HIS LIFE Tom Hayden was a founder of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and one of the authors of the inspiring Port Huron Statement. As such, Hayden was instrumental in redefining American Liberalism as a movement dedicated to equality, peace and justice. Those dedicated to these values, […]

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RIP: Muhammad Ali–Activist

ALI’S MOST DARING FIGHTS WERE OUTSIDE OF THE RING Ali the Athlete All right. I have to admit to a singular guilty pleasure–boxing. I love boxing. I love the visceral intensity of this most brutal of all sports. Two men enter the ring, each having been trained to do three things and three things only: […]

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Trump, Abortion and the Puritan Ethic

“ANTI-ABORTION” IS ABOUT CONTROLLING FEMALE SEXUALITY It always has been, and remains, my thesis that the rampant Trumpaphobio among the right-wing establishment has little to do with the Donald’s actual policy positions. That is clearly not the case, as Trump is a stalwart defender of the corporatocracy. The problem that the corporate elite have with […]

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