I Hate it When I’m Right

THE “IDIOT” FACTOR IN TRUMP POLITICS Some months before the election I offered my final word on Donald Trump…or so I had hoped. Turns out…not so much. Anyway, in this post I suggested that Trump supporters could be divided into three categories: Idiots, Bigots, and Political Sociopaths (though I didn’t use that particular term, I […]

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Did Welfare Reform Work?

SPOILER ALERT! NO! This week, the New York Times Retro Report puts a spotlight on President Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform Act. Given the appealing monica (see what I did there!) Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, a Democratic president signed into law what was, up until that point, a conservative wet dream. With clueless pride President […]

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A New Home

Hello Everyone! Well, you might have noticed that the old Mad Sociologist Blog page is a bit under the weather. For quite some time now I’ve wanted to change the blog URL to one less…”spammy” as it was called. Well, in my attempt to do just that I really jacked up the original. Just as […]

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