I Hate it When I’m Right


Some months before the election I offered my final word on Donald Trump…or so I had hoped. Turns out…not so much.

Anyway, in this post I suggested that Trump supporters could be divided into three categories: Idiots, Bigots, and Political Sociopaths (though I didn’t use that particular term, I wish I had). Idiots were those fact free voters who either believed Trump would be a good president because he’s brash, or a businessman, or has a TV show. Regardless, they knew nothing about policy, nothing about where the state of the union, nothing about politics. I consider those who supported Trump because they wanted to “throw a hand grenade into the system” as idiots. Bigots were those motivated by racism or fear of their own unstable privilege. The Sociopaths were those who knew how bad Trump would be, but felt they would end up on the winning end of any future calamity. Many of the latter were simply looking for those juicy tax breaks.

I took a bit of flack for this politically incorrect analysis of Trump supporters. After all, according to my model, Hillary Clinton was off by half when she said, “…you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” Truth is, they are all deplorables. I’m not sorry for saying this. I’m still in no mood to try to sympathize with the plight of the “angry white male.” When angry white males vote against their own interests just because they are angry, or just because they uncritically embraced false claims about Hillary Clinton, that makes them idiots in the absence of bigotry and sociopathy. And idiots who jeopardize the nation, if not the entire world, with their idiocy are, as far as I’m concerned, deplorable.

Well, Public Policy Polling just released some numbers that prove my point…at least as far as the idiots are concerned.


Unemployments has decreased
I don’t think it is a stretch to say that there hasn’t been a million illegal voters in the entire history of the  United States. 

These are just a few of the observations coming from the PPP.

I hate being right.

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