What is Beauty?

HOW TO EMBRACE PERSONAL BEAUTY AND REJECT COMMODIFICATION When I teach my class on body image and the media I break up the lecture by asking, “what is beauty?” At first, this question seems to be a common sense notion. After all, everyone knows what beauty is. It’s… Well, it’s…you know… Sociologists are forever at […]

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Aetna the Blackmailer

ON WHY WE NEED A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM In case you were looking for yet another reason to create a single payer health system I give you Aetna. According to Forbes Magazine, Aetna is the third largest health insurance provider in the nation, with a net worth of over $50 billion in 2015. As such, […]

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Trump, Abortion and the Puritan Ethic

“ANTI-ABORTION” IS ABOUT CONTROLLING FEMALE SEXUALITY It always has been, and remains, my thesis that the rampant Trumpaphobio among the right-wing establishment has little to do with the Donald’s actual policy positions. That is clearly not the case, as Trump is a stalwart defender of the corporatocracy. The problem that the corporate elite have with […]

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How Can We Achieve Single Payer?

WHAT BERNIE SHOULD HAVE SAID So presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced his health care plan last week with significant response. Those like myself, who have been advocating for a single payer plan, rejoiced. We finally have an candidate who is speeking our language. More practical liberals, on the other hand, had characteristically well thought out […]

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