How Can We Achieve Single Payer?

WHAT BERNIE SHOULD HAVE SAID So presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced his health care plan last week with significant response. Those like myself, who have been advocating for a single payer plan, rejoiced. We finally have an candidate who is speeking our language. More practical liberals, on the other hand, had characteristically well thought out... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Congressman Trey Radel

On Embracing an Opportunity to Learn Dear Congressman Radel: I am one of your constituents from Southwest Florida, though as a liberal, I haven't been particularly well represented by you and your office. Perhaps that goes without saying. Regardless, I certainly cannot fault you for being a conservative politician, elected from a conservative district, for... Continue Reading →

Obamacaregeddon is Approaching

And Soon the Conservative Propaganda Machine Will be Revealed for What it Is  We just received our first Obamacare notices at the school where I teach. One memo informed me that current policies offered by my employer already meet and exceed the ACA requirements and the other filled me in on the health care Marketplace.... Continue Reading →

A Victory? For Health Care

A Sigh of Relief is Appropriate, but a Victory Lap is Premature   Figure 1: Click the Image to Watch the Video I will admit that I am breathing a sigh of relief that the Supreme Court upheld Affordable Care Act (ACA) as constitutional. Readers of this site know that I was not optimistic about... Continue Reading →

An Addendum to my SCOTUS/ACA Prediction

Preparing for the Worst  If I were President Obama, or the head his re-election campaign, I might, in a purely strategic and cynical way, hope that the Supreme Court does, indeed, strike down the Affordable Care Act.¹ I say this on the premise that an old adage is true, that people do not appreciate what... Continue Reading →

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