The Real Problem with Cancel Culture

The problem isn't Cancel Culture, per se. The problem is the overlap between capital and the public discourse. When advertising dollars rest on what a person says, capital will often become the priority when the norms of discourse are violated.

Protests, Riots, and Discursive Bubbles

You agree with the protestors, you'll find plenty of examples on-line of protestors doing noble and heroic things. Think the protestors are nothing more than Antifa scum? You'll have this assumption reinforced when all of your friends post pictures and video of masked rioters breaking windows and flipping cars. Think the police are heroes? You'll get all kinds of footage of police being heroic. Think the police are fascist scum? Yeah. You'll be able to download outrageous acts of brutality.

So, About those Benjamins

there's a great deal to discuss and there's a great deal to learn about the United States' support for Israel and the associated political discourse. The issues are complicated. Twitter is really not the place for it. 

Mean Tweets and Moral Cowardice

THE ANONYMITY OF THE INTERNET IS A BOON TO COWARDS I'm working on a few different posts that will appear shortly, but I wanted to take a moment to share this video. One of the great benefits of the internet has been in empowering people to share their personal experiences with us, and challenging us to... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Stupid Orwellbots!

ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL CENSORSHIP This last week I had the dubious distinction of having a post blocked from Facebook. I was involved in a discussion with a conservative friend of mine about an appropriate response to ISIS. Here is what I wrote¹: They [ISIS] are not gaining power. They have lay lost more territory than... Continue Reading →

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