Impeaching the Imperial Presidency

Historically, Americans have had a narrow view of "high crimes and misdemeanors." Maybe we need to take a look at the global consequences of an imperial presidency rather than just those things that offend our sensibilities.

The First Amendment vs. Clear and Present Dangers

JUSTICE HOLMES' BIG LIE! During World War I, Charles Schenck, a socialist, was arrested for distributing anti-war pamphlets in front of an Army recruitment station. His case went all the way to the Supreme Court in the famous/infamous Schenck v. United States.  Writing for the majority, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared Constitutional protections of free speech... Continue Reading →

Using Flying Killer Robots is Terrorism

NO DIFFERENT FROM SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND OTHER ATTACKS ON CIVILIANS What is it that puts the "terror" in terrorism? One might argue that the true terror is never really knowing where the terrorists are going to strike. This creates a paranoic mentality in which each step of everyday life must be measured against its potential of... Continue Reading →

Hate Begets Hate:

ON THE PARIS ATTACKS AND THE BIGOT RESPONSE I must admit that my first thought upon hearing news of the atrocities committed in Paris,  after,  of course my sorrow over any loss of life,  was,  'my God, the bigots have more ammunition.' Of course,  that's the point.  ISIS kills a bunch of people,  the bigots... Continue Reading →

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