Agitate: November 2008: An Open Letter to President Elect Barack Obama

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Prediction for Tomorrow

Here's my prediction for tomorrow.  Obama will win the popular vote. McCain will win the election.  The Democrats will win veto override power in congress. I don't know if this is a prediction or some sick wishfull thinking.  Not that I want to see a President McCain, but if the scenario above happens I think... Continue Reading →

Spreading the Wealth!

You'd think that Barak Obama committed an act of political apostasy.  While discussing his health plan with the now feted Joe the Plumber he mentioned that he believed in spreading the wealth!  Spreading the wealth!  How dare he make such socialist claims that wealth should be "spread around" like so much marmalade!  Commie Pinko. Of... Continue Reading →

Congresswoman Bachmann: There's only room for one point of view in America…Hers Let's see, who does this remind you of? Oh...I don't know...McCarthy! Apparently the only opinion that matters in congress is that of Congresswoman Bachmann. Any other point of view, especially a liberal point of view, must be labeled as unAmerican...terrorist. This is the kind of tyrranical balderdash that all parties should be trying to... Continue Reading →

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