Prediction for Tomorrow

Here’s my prediction for tomorrow.  Obama will win the popular vote. McCain will win the election.  The Democrats will win veto override power in congress.

I don’t know if this is a prediction or some sick wishfull thinking.  Not that I want to see a President McCain, but if the scenario above happens I think it could be the best possible outcome.  If Obama wins America will be pacified with the expectation that the new president will fix everything, which of course he can’t.  But in the event that the people feel that they have been robbed of yet another election, that might make the electorate mad enough to take action, to become politically active and take matters into their own hands.

With an angry and active electorate and firm Democratic control of congress McCain would have a difficult time putting his ridiculous programs into effect.  A radicalized electorate could demand radical change in electoral processes as well as creating a referendum or mandate for liberal change in other areas like the war or health care. The Democrats, in such a position, might just (cross your fingers) grow a backbone and present progressive policy initiatives.

No one person can correct the problems of a nation, let alone a nation that has been so effectivly stripped of its assets.  Nor should people in a democracy expect such.  That’s tyrannical thinking. But an active populace, an angered and radical social movement, can effect change.  In the end, social movements are the only thing that really can effect progressive change in a democracy.


  1. I agree with some of your predictions (popular vote and presidential election result) but not all (the Dems will not gain a veto proof majority in either house).

    No comment on your commentary after that 🙂


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