Crime Pays when the Police Let it Pay

Okay!  Let's say that the news reported a new kind of crime.  Let's call it...oh, I don't know...Yellow Sleeve Crime (YSC). According to the report, research by the FBI estimates the costs of this new crime to the American public at between $300 and $600 billion dollars.  This is between 2 and 3 times the... Continue Reading →

Congress Got a Raise. Did you?

It must be nice to be a congressman.  Imagine this.  Every year you get a raise unless, get this, unless you and your fellow employees vote to not get the raise! Great work if you can get it. Well, this year congress opted to...well...not vote against the raise!  This, of course, saves some congressman from... Continue Reading →

So Much for Democracy in Iraq

If you wanted proof that the Iraqi/US government is not the least interested in "democracy," the recent approval of continued American military presence by the Iraqi government is proof positive.  This decision can only mean trouble for American troops as well as American contractors, and further delegitimizes an already shaky government in the eyes of... Continue Reading →

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