Adam Smith? That Commie!

What kind of a commie/leftwing/socialist/wackjob would make the following statement! "It is not unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, no only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion." It must be Barak Obama talking about spreading the wealth again.  Poor Joe the Plumber! Obviously this liberal... Continue Reading →

Spreading the Wealth Part II

Oh no!  Let's not talk about spreading the wealth!  That's socialism.  We shouldn't even consider the possibility of spreading the wealth. Commie! Of course, it's only spreading the wealth if working folks benefit.  When it comes to the elite, however, it's not spreading the wealth, it's consolidating assets.  Why is it that it's not considered... Continue Reading →

The REAL Economy!

I can't remember a time when a real debate about the state of the economy was offered.  I've come to realize that there are two economies in the United States.  I call these the Elite Economy and the Real Economy.  True, these economies are interdependent, but the Elite Economy is the default definition when pundits... Continue Reading →

Spreading the Wealth!

You'd think that Barak Obama committed an act of political apostasy.  While discussing his health plan with the now feted Joe the Plumber he mentioned that he believed in spreading the wealth!  Spreading the wealth!  How dare he make such socialist claims that wealth should be "spread around" like so much marmalade!  Commie Pinko. Of... Continue Reading →

Trickle Down Mythology

It is the mantra of conservative ideology that reducing taxes for the wealthy means shared wealth by all.  The quaint name for this is Trickle Down Economics.  It's simple.  If rich people are allowed to keep their money without tax obligation then they will use that money to invest in business, which translates into more... Continue Reading →

Congresswoman Bachmann: There's only room for one point of view in America…Hers Let's see, who does this remind you of? Oh...I don't know...McCarthy! Apparently the only opinion that matters in congress is that of Congresswoman Bachmann. Any other point of view, especially a liberal point of view, must be labeled as unAmerican...terrorist. This is the kind of tyrranical balderdash that all parties should be trying to... Continue Reading →

AIG: Are you kidding me?

And this is the part that rips me about this massive bailout.  Here we have the executives of AIG, men who were so reckless and incompetent that they absolutely buried their company.  They took other people's money and became regular addicts of casino capitalism.  They then lost the other people's money...but not their own.  They... Continue Reading →

Troy Davis and the Death Penalty

So why am I against the death penalty? The case of Troy Davis is probably the best answer. This case demonstrates beyond any doubt that the State is not competent enough to fairly assess who should live and who should die. This week the Supreme Court was asked to decide if it was exceptable to... Continue Reading →

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