Latest Agitate: Voting Third Party

The latest Agitate has been linked.  It is the August issue...yeah, yeah, I know.  Give me a break. I work for a living. This month we debate the virtues of voting for a third party candidate.   Are you just throwing your vote away, or are you making a statement of principle? Read this months... Continue Reading →

What is a Nation? What is a Leader?

Last night, during the debates, Tom Brokaw asked an interesting question.  He informed the candidates that this question required only a one word answer, then asked is Russia the Evil Empire? Of course, that's not a one word answer, and to their credit, neither candidate answered so simply.  But the question got my sociological imagination... Continue Reading →

The Cost of "Free" Markets

If anything, the most recent, but certainly not the last, economic crisis and proposed solution (read bailout) should shatter two myths perpetuated by conservatives. Myth 1:  The Free Market solves all problems. Indeed, there is no such thing as a "free" market in the ideal sense of the term.  All American markets are heavily influenced,... Continue Reading →

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