The Cost of "Free" Markets

If anything, the most recent, but certainly not the last, economic crisis and proposed solution (read bailout) should shatter two myths perpetuated by conservatives.

Myth 1:  The Free Market solves all problems. Indeed, there is no such thing as a “free” market in the ideal sense of the term.  All American markets are heavily influenced, subsidized, financed, supported and otherwise propped by the government via the taxpayer.  But the free market philosophy, that government should keep its hands off of the market and allow the invisible hand to do what it will, is absurd.  Free Markets aren’t free at all.  Indeed, the market value of a Free Market is now $700 billion!

Myth 2:  Progressive programs to help the common man and woman, universal health care, alternative energy infrastructure, education and re-education programs, universal secondary education, housing programs, a living wage, are too costly.  BALDERDASH!  Our elected politicians have demonstrated that when the issue is important enough for them they will find the money.  It appears that irresponsible and corrupt banks are important to pols.  Your job security and ability to make ends meet to take care of your family are nothing more than talking points.  We can remind our pols about what is important in a democracy this November…all incumbants must go!

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