Reflecting on Torture: But Nothing More

v:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} b:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} Many liberals are expressing concern over the Obama Administration’s disappointing position      regarding torture. On one hand the  administration appears to be coming clean on the Bush Administration’s legal acrobatics around the torture   issue. The release of the now infamous torture memos and the endless stream of information... Continue Reading →

I'm Glad I'm not a Conservative

I just read the May 19, 2009 article I Wish I were a Liberal by Nancy Morgan.  It was largely a waste of time.  If you've read any conservative critique of liberalism you've read this article.  It's pretty much a rehash of all the baseless balderdash that passes for conservative "critical thought" since the demise... Continue Reading →

Is America a Pro-Torture Culture?

Naomi Wolf, in her article We are all Torturers in America, poses an interesting question.  Where were we the last eight years that we are suddenly all "outraged" about the prospects of torture now.  After all, it's not like the Bush Administration hid their torture from us.  And, let's face it, attempts to spin torture... Continue Reading →

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