The Entitled Rich

In a Global Marketplace, why pay taxes when you can use a nation’s resources for free?

In 1993 a young Eduardo Saverin was brought to the United States because, in Miami, the tax supported police force and justice department would keep him safe from being kidnapped and held for ransom.

When Eduardo grew up, enjoying the fruits of taxpayer funded infrastructure, rooting for taxpayer subsidized sports teams, this talented young man went to Harvard University. Despite being a private institution, Harvard received hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government.

There he met Mark Zuckerberg. Together, these friends developed a business plan that made use of the internet, a technology developed at taxpayer expense, and associated software, also subsidized by taxpayers. This plan sold advertising space on a social networking cite transmitted to user’s computers, another taxpayer subsidized technology, via taxpayer subsidized communication lines.

This business idea was so successful that it recently went public on the stock market, an institution kept afloat when taxpayers spent hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out the corrupt finance industry after they wrecked the world economy.

However, shortly this company when public, from which Saverin was expected to make billions of dollars, he gave up his American citizenship…

…in order to avoid paying taxes on the resulting income. After all, if he was forced to pay a whole 15% on the $4 billion he was estimated to make from Facebook’s IPO, that would only leave him with a measly $3.4 billion. And who can live on that?

A true American success story.

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