A Victory? For Health Care

A Sigh of Relief is Appropriate, but a Victory Lap is Premature   Figure 1: Click the Image to Watch the Video I will admit that I am breathing a sigh of relief that the Supreme Court upheld Affordable Care Act (ACA) as constitutional. Readers of this site know that I was not optimistic about... Continue Reading →

Remembering Alan Turing

All of Him! Google was right to pay homage to Alan Turing on the hundredth anniversary of his birth with a "Doodle" of the famous Turing Machine. Indeed, without Turing, it is likely that Google would not exist, at least in its current manifestation. The life and work of Alan Turing made the icons of... Continue Reading →

The Private Sector is Doing Fine?

Depends on what you mean by "Private Sector"  President Obama took a lot of flack for suggesting that the "private sector is doing fine." The right wing jumped on him for this gaffe. How could he be so out of touch with reality? Obviously, the private sector is not doing fine. Well, it's not quite... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget About Plutonomy

A reminder of what we are up against  I was doing research for a project that I'm working on and I stumbled upon this bit of literature. I haven't thought of it in years, despite its being posted on the Journal of a Mad Sociologist Readings page. It's a summary of the outcomes of the... Continue Reading →

On Supporting the Troops While Opposing War

A Complex Position  I was caught in a difficult paradox for many years. This paradox was, I believe, an intentional and ingenious discursive formation concocted during the first Persian Gulf War. It was the paradox of supporting our troops while opposing war. Exactly how could I, as a peace advocate and activist, claim that I... Continue Reading →

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