Walk out on your bank

Thank you Stephen Pizzo from newsforreal.com.  Stephen is encouraging Americans to walk out on their large, multinational banks in favor of local, community banks.

According to Pizzo, an any reasonable and attentive American, the Obama Administration is not likely to offer a real challenge to the banking system. No surprises there. With banking interests the funding base for the political economy it is unlikely that any viable reforms will be made of banking.  Instead, bankers will continue to receive bailouts instead of pink-slips.  There might be some prefabricated, politically expedient temporary measures of accountability that will be well publicised, but within the next few months the bankers will settle down to business as usual.

We cannot rely on the political body to drive a stake into the heart of its symbiotic economic body. It is, therefore, up to the American people to make the necessary excisions.

Pizzo suggests a massive walkout of the major banks.  In most cases there are local alternatives to international banks.   The Independent Community Bankers of America have a search engine for community banks in your area.  I was surprised when I typed in my address just how many options their were and how many services the local banks offer.

Check out your options and take your money out of the hands of corrupt and incompetent banking conglomerates.

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