The Entitled Rich

In a Global Marketplace, why pay taxes when you can use a nation's resources for free? In 1993 a young Eduardo Saverin was brought to the United States because, in Miami, the tax supported police force and justice department would keep him safe from being kidnapped and held for ransom. When Eduardo grew up, enjoying... Continue Reading →

Tricky Tricks with Statistics

Don't Be Fooled by Conservative Hocus Pocus Calling Itself Statistics  I have theory that I call the Reflective Attribution theory. This theory stipulates that people tend to impute their own motives and attributions onto others. For instance, according to this theory one might predict that those people who are inclined to lie are also people... Continue Reading →

The Persistence of Memes

The Long Life and Career of Reagan's Welfare Queen  A colleague of mine, responsible for selling items at my high school, explained to me that some students try to con her out of her wares. They will use such gimmicks as claiming that they already paid, but did not receive the item, or maintaining that... Continue Reading →

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