Top Ten Worst Corporations

According to the Multinational Monitor the following are the top ten worst corporations of 2008.  It’s too bad they don’t offer a top 20.

AIG: Too big to fail, and they rub our faces in it.

Cargill: Hey, let’s cripple third world food markets and make a profit from the subsequent starvation.

Chevron: We don’t let human rights stop us from pulling oil out of the ground.

Constellation Energy:  If investing in nuclear power is too costly, make the public shoulder the bill.

Chinese National Patroleum Company: Proving that genocide is good for business.

Dole: We grow food the old fashioned way! By exploiting peasants!

GE: What laws are they breaking? What laws do you have?

Imperial Sugar: What’s 13 deaths compared to the big picture?

Phillip Morris International: Killing people worldwide without those pesky US regulations to stop us.

Roche Pharmaceuticals: “Saving lives is not our business.” (Didn’t make that up.  This is a direct quote: Emphasis added) .

These corporations are poster children for regulation.

The full article from Alternet:  Ten Worst Corporations.


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