The Refugee Caravan: An Invasion?


This video can be viewed in terms of the ideas that were elaborated in the MS-13 report. The patterns are the same. Take a legitimate issue that requires real, innovative thinking, and couch it in terms of a threat. If people are made to fear, they react, they look for security. This makes people ripe for manipulation at the hands of the reactionaries promising security and protection. But it’s the exact opposite of what is needed to solve the problem.

Looking at the problem from a historical and sociological perspective, especially World Systems Theory and theories on global stratification leads one to understand that the United States bears some responsibility for the plight of many of the global refugees, especially those from the Northern Triangle of Central America.


As an asside, what are some things YOU would like to see reported in the Mad Sociologist in the News? Make your suggestion in the comments below.


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