I Want to Know Why the Corporate Conservatives Hate America!

And insist on their brutal and destructive “austerity” policies


Somehow, conservatives have sold the idea that national health care, unemployment insurance, retirement, and economic assistance is government over-reach and an encroachment on our freedoms. Entitlement programs are a breath away from the scourge of tyranny (despite the fact that nation providing much more lucrative entitlements are among the freest on earth). However, according to conservatives, to take away these entitlements or transferring the oversight of these programs to private, for profit, institutions, is nothing of the sort. A government that provides for its citizens during times of crisis is big government Stalinism, but the same government imposing punitive austerity on the same citizens is a bastion of liberty.

Why do conservatives hate America and Americans so much that they are willing to make the suffer for the sake of keeping a few bucks in the vaults of the rich.

After all, isn’t that what Soviet Russia did? Enforce bitter austerity to mitigate the nation’s economic inadequacies?

What will those Stalinist conservatives do next? Impose rations?

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