What’s wrong with this picture?

The evidence is right before our eyes. This is my pet Russian tortoise. Her name is Tort. Isn't she beautiful? Notice the time stamp, January 20, 2012. Normally, at this time of the year, Tort is buried underground, happily hibernating for the winter. She starts digging her hovel sometime in October/November as a response to... Continue Reading →

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Gingrinch!

We can't have this kind of…um…person (?)…in the White House With regard to Gingrinch's (Yes, I'm spelling it that way intentionally!) plan to replace school janitors by forcing poor children to clean toilets… I didn't comment on this initially because, frankly, I really believed that Gingrinch would hold a press conference and apologize for the... Continue Reading →

Self-Censorship and the Post-Modern Tyranny

Economic tyranny is no different from political tyranny I received a call from a former college student of mine the other day. I use blogs in my college courses to inspire discussion and interaction. I allow students to express opinions so long as those opinions are supported with data, sound, logical thinking, and sociological perspectives.... Continue Reading →

Recess Over-Reach? Please!

On Fake Conservative Angst Over Recess Appointments  On cue, conservatives are aghast…aghast I tell you!...that President Obama has used his Constitutional authority to make recess appointments. Of course, Republicans are not upset that Obama has circumvented the appointment of a candidate that is mutually agreeable to both parties. That really would be questionable. They are,... Continue Reading →

2011 a Difficult and Honorable Year

…A year for the history books  For me, 2011 will always be the year that democracy took a deep breath and long stretch on its way to awakening. That this was a global movement inspires me with awe. That this awakening began with a fruit peddler in Tunisia rather than in an American university or... Continue Reading →

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