Socializing the Young…to hunt terrorists, tackle "illegals" and raid drug sites?


I have to admit that I’m considerably taken aback by the a recent article in the New York Times (Source of the Photo Above) about a new program offered by the Boy Scouts branch known as the Explorers.  This postmodernized version socializes children into paramilitary techniques. Kids are taught how to fight terrorists, take down “border jumpers” and raid drug producers.

Of course, the Scouts and the Explorers are designed to instill traditional and sound American values in young men and women.  So what is this program teaching? That Americanism is something not just to be learned, but to be enforced at the back end of an assault rifle?

I know that educational institutions and socializing institutions have a hidden agenda, a latent function, if you will. What is the latent function here? Xenophobia? Exceptionalism? Racism?

In case you think I may be reactionary in my thinking, keep reading the linked article.  Read to almost the end where one of the targets in the Explorer’s paramilitary “role play” was dressed in “traditional Arab dress.”  I wonder how the “border jumpers” are made to look, or the drug growers.  One deputy Lowenthal remarked,“If we’re looking at 9/11 and what a Middle Eastern terrorist would be like,” he said, “then maybe your role-player would look like that. I don’t know, would you call that politically incorrect?”

Politically incorrect!? No! It’s beyond politically incorrect! It’s loathsome! Really? Are we teaching kids to identify terrorists, or are we teaching kids to hate? To fear the other.

According to the article the Explorers have not had any complaints over their program.  There should be protests. Perhaps people who care just don’t know about this particular program. John Anthony is the National Director.  His contact information is below.  Please contact him and let him know how you feel about this program.

John Anthony, MS
National Director

(972) 580-2420


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