Modern Hoovervilles

Juxtaposing images of the Great Depression with modern images of Modern Hoovervilles.  Hoovervilles vs. Bushvilles. Notice the police presence in the last photographs. Where are the cops pulling banking executives from their undeserved penthouses?            

So where do "my" kids go?

For many of my students, "my kids," the was the only place where they could find the resources that they need to learn.  The large, bureaucratic test-prep centers we call public schools do not meet their needs and private schools designed around workbook schooling meet no needs whatsoever.  In Fort Myers, the Broach School was the... Continue Reading →

Israel/Hamas: Two sides of an atrocious coin!

Don't worry, everyone.  Israel has investigated its own tactics during the recent Gaza War, and they've concluded...that they "maintained a high professional and moral level" of accountability.  They conducted themselves according to the tenets of international law despite having to face an enemy that hid among civilians in order to conduct military operations and targeted... Continue Reading →

I'd Like to Thank

Well, I am now, officially, a victim of the economy.  This week I learned that the school where I was working, a school that focused on helping students with difficulties in other schools, or students will learning disabilities, was closing down.  It's a private school run for profit and has not been able to generate... Continue Reading →

Following the Money and the Military Budget

Those who are familiar with this blog know that my knew on-line playground is  So after my blog yesterday regarding slashing the military budget I thought I would take my own advice for an explanation and follow the money.  Below are the top five military defense contractors.  The graphs show how much the they... Continue Reading →

Why Not Slash the So Called Defense Budget?

Because we have to defend ourselves?  How can we possibly defend ourselves if we cut our defense budget? You liberal wacko! Gee, I don't know. How do countries like Switzerland or Finland defend themselves with military expenditures about 1/100th and 1/200th that of the United States? Oh, yeah! They don't mess with other countries.  So... Continue Reading →

The Multiplying Effect of Power

Frederick Douglass, in his West India Emancipation Speech of 1856, famously stated that "power concedes nothing without demand.  It never did and it never will..." It's not hard to understand why a former slave and tireless human rights advocate would have an acute sensibility to the nature of power. He was, of course, correct. Without... Continue Reading →

Agitate: Volume 2 Number 9: A Corporate Command Economy

                That I’m writing this blog right now has me mystified.  I would have thought that the phrase, free market economy would be nothing more than a vulgar epithet today.  After all, what has the so called free market created?  A generation of stagnant wages, reduced benefits, deteriorated infrastructure and an agglomeration of wealth into... Continue Reading →

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