When Elite Privelege has gotten out of Hand!

This will be a very short blog because…well…really, there’s nothing that can be said.  The issue speaks for itself.  AIG! That’s it.  Not only has this company been instrumental in destroying the economy of the most powerful market in the world, thus crippling the world economy, they claimed to be too big to fail so as to justify billions of dollars in bailout money from the taxpayers.  As it stands, the US government owns 80% of this company.  Then the board heaps $160 million in bonuses on the very executives who engineered this fiasco claiming that the bonuses were necessary to “retain talent.” Talent? Oh, did I mention that many who received these bonuses were NO LONGER WORKING FOR AIG!

Now here’s the kicker.  AIG is using taxpayer money to sue the government (the majority owner) to return $300 million in taxes that the the government was so brazen to take from the AIGs fraudulent tax shelters!

You know the elite have gotten a free ride for too long when this kind of stuff happens.

Read the New York Times Article Here


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