But Don't Say Class War! Burger King, Goldman Sachs and Labor

58 thoughts on “But Don't Say Class War! Burger King, Goldman Sachs and Labor

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  1. I strongly agree that Goldman Sachs should be held accountable for their actions. They received $10 billion of our tax payer money and used it irresponsibly. This is an outrage. $14,000 a year is ridiculous. This is not enough money to live off of. You would think that with all of this money they would have given some of it to the hard working entry level and hourly paid employees that deserve it. Not the corporate employees that already make 5 times more than minimum wage. This company should be held responsible and should not receive any more tax money if they request it no matter what.


  2. I think that it is completely unfair that some Burger King employees are not even being paid minimum wage for all of their hard work. Goldman Sachs should not be receiving tax payers money if they are not going to put it towards good use. If Goldman Sachs used all of that extra money to give each employee a raise or a bonus they that would not only show the employees that Burger King cares, but it would also help out the employees in their every day lives too. Burger King employees really do work hard. A lot of them even have children or are working to pay off bills or working to pay off their debt. Goldman Sachs should be blamed for some of the well being of their employees. And they should be embarrassed that they are not caring as it is.


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