OK! He's the President Now: Get off the bandwagon and start tightening the thumbscrews.

It’s OK to support a candidate, but once that candidate achieves office it’s time to be skeptical, critical and demanding. There have been forty four Presidents in this nation’s history (I know, I’m not including the seven presidents under the Articles of Confederation), and significantly fewer good or even great presidents. History being the example, no President has ever achieved greatness without a tremendous amount of pressure from the commons for them to do so. We cannot just assume that Barack Obama will be a great president simply because he’s Barack Obama and he said so.

Obama supporters…stay organized and start putting on the pressure. Keep your eyes open and don’t just support Obama’s policies simply because they are his policies and you support him. Do your research and support his policies if they make sense.

Obama opposition…get organized and put the pressure on. Democracy is based on opposition. There’s too much room in a democracy for only one point of view, and society, like nature hates a vacuum.

There’s a lot of work to be done, and our very futures hang on the outcomes of Obama’s and his Congress’ policies. Our time of sitting in front of the TV ranting is over.

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