No Unity with Nazis!


It’s really simple. If you are at a protest and the guy standing next to you is waving a Swastika, or wearing Nazi paraphernalia, or sporting SS tattoos, or say a “Camp Auschwitz” T-Shirt…

…you’re on the wrong side.

Someone on social media shared a post about how to decide which side your on when the civil war starts. His post was full of references to patriotism and reverence for the flag and the Founding Fathers.

That’s all nebulous stuff. Anyone on the political spectrum can make claims to patriotism, the flag and the Founders.

But there’s an easier metric.

If I have to choose sides in some mindless Civil War Redux right-wing survivalist fantasy come true, the I know exactly how to choose sides. I’m on the side that’s not allied with the Nazis!


Some time ago I wrote a post asking how hard it was to condemn Nazis. This was after Charlottesville and I was appalled by the fact that every single conservative/right-wingnut statement on the event seemed incapable of unilaterally and without equivocation condemning the Nazis. Either they offered some variation of the “very fine people” myth presented by their mindless leader, or they had to equate Nazis with the Left in some way. Every critique of Nazism had to be accompanied by an equally intense criticism of the “radical left.”

I couldn’t figure out why they would not simply condemn the Nazis. Now I know. You can’t upset your allies.

So, I feel Joe Biden and his supporters when they speak out for unity, reconciliation, reaching across the aisle and trying to get back to the way things were when people could have legitimate differences of opinion but could work together and compromise in the interests of the country or the common good. I wish we lived in that kind of country.

But this is no longer that country. We are now a country in which Nazis and their acolytes have a significant political bloc with disproportionate power over the direction of our government. There can be no unity when doing so means compromise with Nazis.

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