My Last Word on Trump


Dear Donald Trump Supporters

Since I started the new blog format I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to Donald Trump. Including this post, I’ve written thirty-three essays in which I deal with the Donald. That’s twice as many posts as I’ve dedicated to Bernie Sanders! I mean, come on!

So I have resolved that, after this post, I will not spend one more minute on this walking scam. That is unless, by some profound misfortune, he actually becomes president. Then all bet’s are off. Fortunately, that’s not likely.

This resolution isn’t quite the sacrifice one might think. The truth is that there is just nothing more to say about Trump. Really. What more can be added? What could possibly happen in the next ten weeks or so that would be such a revelation that it would be noteworthy? Will we find that Trump isn’t as bigoted, ignorant, misogynistic and narcissistic as we think he is? No. But even if it did happen, would it really be news? He’ll still be a more bigoted, ignorant, misogynistic narcissist than anyone who should be allowed to be president. Will he finally release his tax returns? Will that reveal anything surprising? We already know he’s not as wealthy as he lets on, that’s he’s loaded with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and he almost certainly pays a much lower percentage of his income in taxes than you.

We know that his business success rests mostly on his aptitude with scamming investors and stiffing contractors after inheriting a fortune from Daddy–a fortune which Daddy built through government contracts and Federal loans while also discriminating against African Americans.

Consistent with this track record, we know how he regards every single minority group in the nation, women, people of color, religious minorities. We’ve been watching the soap opera that is his personal life for what, thirty-five? forty years? We know how profoundly ignorant he is of anything that has to do with the world of NotTrump.

Really, unless he does something akin to rescuing a baby from a burning building, holding a press conference to announce that he has just punked the whole country with his fake presidential bid, or ripping off his own face and revealing that he is really the Salamander King of Planet Floombronnett, there is no reason to waste another well thought out word on this loser, your candidate.

So I won’t.

That being said, there are some things I need to get off my chest about the embarrassingly large numbers of you who support this delusional, overstuffed man-child with a God complex. This is, in my opinion, the real story of the 2016 election, that so many people actually see a reality TV circus clown as a viable candidate for the highest office in the land. I weep for my country and for humanity in general. Just what kind of people are you?

Now, normally I am careful to frame my prose in order to show respect where it is due. After all, you have every right to support the candidate of your choice, even if he is a bloated, narcissistic, orange blemish on the face of humanity. But why would you?  In this case, however, I feel no such inclination to choose my words carefully. Since you claim to admire politically incorrect discourse, maybe this post can serve as an opportunity for self-reflection on the part of you manic, near-sighted lemmings so willing to skip to the cliff for your anointed one.

From where I sit, there are only three reasons why you support #loserdonald.

First: You’re Bigots!

Note: This image was edited on April 25, 2020 as the original was no longer supported.

Look, it’s really that simple. The minute Donald Trump stood up and attacked Mexicans and Muslims he was your guy. He had you. He was saying all the things you’ve been thinking for years. Throw in some references to Welfare Queens and how the Jews are good investors and you swallowed the hook. You have a deep seated fear of “those people” coming over and subjecting you to the very same prejudice, discrimination, hate and bigotry to which you endeavor to subject them. You see, people impute their own motives unto others.

No amount of evidence to the contrary is going to change your mind. Folks like me cannot reason with you, convince you that you are wrong, that everyone, regardless of religion or race, is just trying to do the best they can. Your hatred is fueled by fear, which makes you irrational. There’s no telling you that Muslims hate terrorism just as much as you do. For you, Muslims are terrorists. Done. Immigrants, specifically the brown ones, are criminals and rapists no matter what the data reports. Blacks are living in squalor while they live off of your taxes. There’s nothing more to be said.

Trump on Immigration

No amount of factual evidence will convince you otherwise because you are bigots. You hate without reason. Now you have a public and popular voice who is more than happy to confirm your sick paranoia in exchange for votes.

And don’t try to tell me about your black or

Latino friends. If they were really your friends, you wouldn’t be supporting Trump. You may not be supporting Hillary, but you sure as hell wouldn’t be supporting Trump.  You’re so-called “friends” are, at best, acquaintances.

 Second You’re Idiots!

I’m not saying this to be insulting or condescending. This is not an attempt to silence you or to unreasonably discredit your opinions. Nor am I making a claim about your reported lack of education. Even if the latter were true, formal education does not rule out the fact that you are clearly idiots.

No. I’m making this claim because you are either the type of person who does not really care who is running on the Republican ticket so long as he’s a Republican. You’re an idiot. Or, you are so against the prospects of a President Hillary Clinton that you are willing to vote for anyone who is not her. You’re an idiot. Now, this has nothing, in particular, to do with Trump. Your idiot status would hold true even if someone qualified were running. In this case, you’re an idiot because you’ve completely abrogated your responsibility to think through your decisions–especially in a matter as important as the person who will have the Nuclear Football with him at all times! Idiot!

The other possibility is that you really, really feel that Trump has the best ideas. In this case, you are a special kind of idiot. Let’s take one example, say, immigration, though I could use any topic from tax policy to economics to foreign policy. Your thinking goes something like this, ‘illegal immigrants are flowing over the border like locusts, so a wall would be just the thing.’ You’re an idiot. First, it’s really not hard to research this assumption and find out that you are wrong on at least three levels. First, immigrants are not “flowing over the border.” Here. I’ve given you an easy to read graph that took me all of fifteen seconds to Google. But you refuse to believe this chart because a) it contradicts your baseless assumptions–you’re an idiot, or b) clearly this chart is the product of the lying liberal media–you’re an idiot! So it will do absolutely no good for me to put up similar charts or figures that point out inconvenient bits of information like the number of undocumented immigrants who arrived legally but overstayed their visas (at least 40%). Or even the simple, easily deduced fact that walls are not impervious to crossing. They can be breached with technology no less sophisticated than a ladder! You’re an idiot.

Third: You’re Assholes Who Only Want the Tax Breaks

This, in my mind, is the most repulsive and insidious of the Trump supporters. You’re not bigots. You’re not idiots. You simply don’t give a shit about anybody else. Trump is openly admitting that he is going to pursue a policy of making millions of people in the United States and all over the world suffer, but you don’t care because he is offering the best tax rates. Now all of Trump’s tax cuts will necessitate slashing spending or it will result in almost $10 trillion in additional debt over the next decade. But spending cuts are not likely to happen considering the yuuuuge costs of building and maintaining a wall–unless you believe Mexico is really going to pay for it (see section two above, idiot)–and the police state that would have to be put into effect to deport millions of “those people” and conduct surveillance on mosques and to bomb the “shit” out of whichever country he chooses.

But then again, deficits and debt really don’t mean anything to you, do they? You only say they do when there’s the prospect that someone may be helped by your hard earned tax money. Aside from that, you really don’t care what happens to anyone, so long as you get yours. That makes you the most despicable of this pathetic cohort.

So there it is. I’ve said my peace about the lot of you. Really, unless you somehow pull out a devastating win in November, or some paradigm changing event takes place between now and then,  I see no reason to waste any more time and energy on Loser Donald or any of his loser supporters.

One last thing. If you don’t recognize yourself in any of the three subheadings above, it’s probably because you’re an idiot!

I’m glad  I got that off my chest.


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