Oh, My! Adventures in Blogging!



All right! So I’ve received a bunch of e-mails labeled “trackback” and associated with the Mad Sociologist Blog. Of course, I really don’t know what a trackback is, but I’m pretty sure they are bad. So I went to my site to see what was going on.

Well, WordPress has updated my account…which means that all of my security settings were defaulted. So you will notice, clearly, that the blog has changed its look. I hope you like it; I’m still experimenting, so it may change as I continue playing.

Also, you will notice a lot of spam in the comments section. It will take me some time to get through this. I’m afraid I may end up deleting some legitimate comments, but I’ll do what I can to avoid that. My security settings have been revamped, so I’m hoping to have seen the end of this mess…until the next update…but whatayagonnado?

In the meantime, keep checking back for some more Mad Sociologist Commentary starting soon.

By the way, the image above is a line drawing of me that was created by one of my students from last semester. Of course, she did the drawing when she was supposed to be paying attention to the class lecture! But it was pretty cool, and she was gracious enough to give me permission to use it.

Also, don’t forget…

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