Food and a New Understanding of Public Space

Pam Warhurst gave a rousing lecture on the experiences of her hometown in re-imagining their common space. This isn't just about increasing food yields, which would be impressive enough. This is about re-imagining the commons and building a community around food.

In an age where the commons is being gobbled up by the unfree market, this really is a radical concept. Capitalism assumes that there is no such thing as "the commons." The best way, according to the capitalist ethic, to order our communities is to open all resources to commodification. Maintaining and perpetuating the commons is a waste of time and money. The free market is believed to be the most efficient way to maximize our resources and our efforts. This is balderdash.

When a community ethic evolves, organically, around an ethic of the commons, a healthy and equitable lifestyle can be cultivated.

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