Can't Understand Why People Think Race is an Issue!

Watermellon white housewitch doctorobama spookobama dollarMy slaveObama chimpchimp cartoonRace shirtRace dollar

Interesting that this is stamped over a picture of the Lincoln Monument!


Editor of The Progressive, Matthew Rothschild, quoted this letter he received, “America is in deep, deep trouble. The country lost its mind last November and went and elected a Third World chimp as President.  So who can be surprised now that Barack Hussen Obama is spending our money like a drunken nigger on Saturday night.”

Rothschild also cites reports that threats of violence against the President are up over 400% from the Bush Administration. The President receives over 30 death threats a day, some threats certainly mixed with a racist component.

It also appears that there’s a religious component, including one pastor in Arizona praying for Obama’s death!  There seems to be a whole different level of hatred for this president. When people are openly and brazenly brandishing weapons at presidential events; when there are four times more threats against the President of the United States; when the Secret Service admits that they are stretched too thin, it’s time to worry, folks.


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