Open Letter to President Obama Regarding Job Opening

President Obama:

I’m writing this letter for consideration for the position of Supreme Court Justice. I will be unemployed by June 1st and available to fill another position.  The seat on the US Supreme Court is just what I am looking for.  I have a background in research and an interest in human rights activism.  As a sociologist, I am trained to see the structural influences of institutions that apply norms (such as laws) to the real lives of people throughout our country.  I am confident that, as a sociologist, I can contribute unique assets to the court.

President Obama, you have stated that you are looking for an independent thinker to fill this position.  Since there are no Constitutional qualifications for Supreme Court Justice there is no reason why you must select from a pool of jurists or politicians.  A sociologist can do the job just as effectively.  If I’m not mistaken, as a Supreme Court Justice I would be the first sociologist in that position.  Isn’t it time to bring a new skill set to the court.

Also, Mr. President, I am relatively young and healthy.  I am thirty-nine years old. My family has a long history of men who have lived vital lives well into their eighties and nineties. So appointing me to the Supreme Court would guarantee a critical, liberal voice for at least the next fifty years.

I know that the nomination process can be brutal, having to face a panel of Senators, at least half of whom will hate me.  This is not a problem.  I am a teacher and an activist.  If I can face a room full of apathetic teenagers, I can handle Senators.  If I can stand in front of a room of boaters and advocate for Manatees, I can handle Senators.  I am well read in the issues, well spoken, and not afraid to stand my ground in the face of grilling before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Many years ago I sent a letter to President Clinton when he had to nominate a Supreme Court Justice.  I guess he never received my letter as he select Justice Ginsberg to the bench. That’s all right.  I’m not bitter. However, Mr. President, I am now desperate for a job.  Please take my qualifications to mind in considering me for the position.


Michael Andoscia, M.A.


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