Teachers March on Emancipation Ave, for Immigrant Rights:


On July 4 of this year, in Houston, Texas, teachers, educators and educational support personnel attending the NEA National Representative Assembly joined with local activists on a march to a child detention center. The detention center, or dare I say concentration camp, was located just a mile from the downtown convention center…right behind a bar-b-que joint.

It was a great opportunity for activists to swell their ranks for the march. All they had to do was go to the convention center, pass out pamphlets, tell teachers that there are kids being abused and when to march. I can’t speak to the numbers that showed up, but it was in the hundreds. Certainly one of the largest marches I’ve ever participated in.

This issue of Mad Sociologist in the News includes my own footage of the even and some brief commentary at the end. The world is undergoing a major refugee crisis. Many of the reasons for this crisis have to do with the costs of western and American hegemony. Walls, police state tactics, and concentration camps will not address what is one of the moral issues of our time. Indeed, current right-wing policy on this matter can only result in an indelible stain on the legacy of the nation or nations that pursue it.


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