When a Trump Follower Talks About How Well The Economy is Doing


At this point, I will endeavor not to use the term “Trump supporter.” That phrase just does not say it. What we are seeing from the Trumpists is something more cult-like. They are followers. The rampant corruption. The racially motivated inhumanity. The embarrassments abroad. The mouth-frothing Tweets. It does not matter. Trump will not lose his followers.

Currently, the most sensible argument from the Trump right is, “whatever! Look how great the economy is doing! Wooohoooo!” You’ll even hear this from people who are not benefiting from the economy. Of course, the economy is not going to hold out like this for long, but I suspect that when this argument evaporates Trump’s followers will stay true. At this point, Trump is representative of their aspirations. His real life shenanigans are irrelevant.

Regardless, I put this little graphic together to offer a quick and easy response to Trump Followers when they celebrate the Trump economy.

TrumpObama Economy Meme

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