Views from a Rally to Reunite Families


Today I had the opportunity to participate in one of hundreds of rallies to Reunite Families. Over the years, my direct activism has taken a back seat to my writing, but if someone wants to throw a rally, I’m willing to show up and put my fist in the air for a good cause.

This time was extra special, however, as it was the first time I had the opportunity to participate with my son, Tekoa.

Overall the Rally was well done and well attended in this otherwise conservative town. As usual, the average age of participants was closer to my cohort than to Tekoa’s. I was heartened, however, to run into one of my former students (I almost always run into former students at these events, and that warms my soul!).

I should note, with regard to the video above that my comment about our local police doing a good job policing and not interfering with protest should not have been as comprehensive as I made it seem. It’s true I’ve never been witness to police abuse with regard to protests in my hometown, but my county did participate in the national crackdown against the Occupy Movement years ago. I did participate with Occupy but was not present when the Centennial Park Encampment was shut down. That being said,  police in this area are usually responsible, conspicuous, but non-interfering.

Below are some images from today’s rally.

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