On My Way to China


I’m currently sitting in Seattle International ready to board a plane for Beijing. This is purely a site seeing excursion. Nothing political. Nothing academic…

… at least until I get back.

Frankly, since we booked the trip, my wife, who is the smarter, wiser half of the marriage, has insisted that I write nothing on the Mad Sociologist Blog that might get me denied a Visa to The Middle Kingdom.

With some recent news out of Beijing, that’s been more difficult than I thought. But I relented because I know which side of my bread is buttered.

Now that we have the visas, she’s suggesting that I not post anything that might get me arrested in a foreign country. I think her fears might be unfounded, but frankly, she’s usually right. So I agreed to post nothing until we are relatively safe at home.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi access is a bit tricky, so I would be limited in my ability to post anyway.

Additionally, with my teaching gig at the high school and the college, plus all of my projects, including rebuilding my studio after it caught fire last year, I’m pretty exhausted and can use a mental recharge.

So you won’t see any posts until maybe the end of the month. If you follow The Mad Sociologist on Facebook or Twitter, my posting will be limited and sporadic.

But I will be back. Hopefully, with renewed energy and a fresh mind…

… or you’ll read about my on the news, which will probably include a picture of my beautiful wife and her ‘I told you so’ look.


  1. Hi Mike, this is your mother-in-law speaking! Keep my daughter and grandchildren safe and hurry home. Have a wonderful time we all look forward to your post once you’re home safe and sound and in your office

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