David Parkman on the Regressive Left


After my post on Idea Cults, I wanted to comment on such mindsets on the left, what has been referred to as the Regressive Left. Of course, the very notion of a “regressive” left is a contradiction of terms. The left cannot exist in regressive form. Liberalism should be about progress/progressivism, otherwise, there’s no real difference between it and standard conservatism. Yet there’s no reason to believe that those on the left are any less susceptible to the temptations of Idea Cults than are those on the right.

Anyway, I had a post planned, but then I watched this video by David Parkman and figured there was no sense in re-inventing the wheel.

There are certain features of liberalism that are foundational, without which there is no liberalism. Free speech, resistance to all forms of intolerance, even and especially religions intolerance are two of the oldest principles of the liberal movement. We cannot turn out backs on the fundamentals.

Here’s David Parkman’s analysis of Regressive Liberalism and how this term is used and misused.

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