Attention Police Officers…

You are the 99%…

…and according to a Justice Department Report, twelve thousand of you will be out of a job next year.

I know you are acting out of fear, or coerced conformity when you attack your brothers and sisters with tear-gas and rubber bullets, but the state you serve (often valiantly) has made it plain that it does not serve you. Your bosses serve the 1% who pad their coffers.

Pretty soon you’ll be unemployed, replaced by private security, discarded. Don’t wait until that time to stand by the Occupiers you now oppress. If you will ultimately be standing shoulder to shoulder with us, why not start now.

Do your duty. Defend the Constitution of the United States, your own states and the principles they represent. Disobey your orders and stand for on the side of right. Stand with your brothers and sisters and occupy the city streets which you have sworn to protect.

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