Tell RUSH the Truth!

Rush Limbaugh has called all of us who work for a living, who believe we have a right to negotiate our pay and benefits “Free Loaders” and “UnAmerican.” He has millions of viewers and listeners and makes millions a year. Good for him. But when you need an education for your children, is it Rush who’s going to do it? If you are victimized is Rush going to come to your defense? If your house catches fire is Rush putting his life on the line to put it out? If you are sick and your bed-pan needs to be changed or you need to have your vitals monitored is it going to be Rush and his ilk who will work through the night to make sure you are taken care of?

Workers have sacrificed enough in this economy. We’ve had our jobs destroyed, our security derailed, how pay frozen or cut, our benefits slashed. People like Rush and the wealthy elite he represents move jobs to foreign countries and weaken every protection we have. They say it’s about austerity and tightening our belts during tough times, but are you seeing the millionaires and billionaires tightening their belts?

Above is Rush Limbaugh’s E-mail address. If you work for a living let Rush know that you are not a deadbeat!

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